March 13th, 2017




Если ваша компания вовсю стремится использовать инновации, и моделирует свою деятельность построением бизнес-процессов, то настала пора понять, кто всем этим управляет. Знакомьтесь, CPIO — Chief Process and Innovation Officer. Он же CPO (Chief Process Officer), по старой традиции этим может заниматься CIO (Chief Information Officer), часто эту позицию выделяют как CINO (chief innovation officer) или CTIO (chief technology innovation officer). Но суть остаётся той же — управлять моделями процессов и внедрением инноваций в компании.

Пара цитат на усвоение роли.

Chief Process and Innovation Officer (CPIO), also called Chief Process Officer (CPO), is a corporate C-level position that calls for a leader who is able to identify which parts of a company's business processes could be improved and recommend specific ways to make them work better... the traditional role of CIO as technology expert will evolve into that of a more process-oriented business supervisory role and the CIO will become the CPIO.

Chief process officer (CPO) is a key leadership position reporting directly to the CEO. He is the main advocate for business process excellence in the organisation. They define the BPM strategy and objectives, establish a process governance structure with process owners, and own the enterprise process map. They also ensure that core processes deliver customer-driven performance, and that strategic objectives are being met.

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